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Min Receives Funding for Advancements in food Technology

  • MinPRINCESS ANNE, MD – (June 25, 2019) – Dr. Byungrok Min is the recipient of two major research grants. The university’s associate professor will embark on new innovations that will aid in the sustainability and anti-microbial state of consumed foods.  

    Min was awarded a combined total of nearly $700,000 by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s (NIFA) 1890 Capacity Building Grant Program. His first project, “Development of Nutritionally Enhanced Corn Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles as Phytogenic Alternative to Antibiotic Growth in Broiler Production,” is focused on the use of nutritionally enhanced corn dried distillers grains (NE-DGGS) as an economically viable alternative to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). The project, which will receive $499,999 in funding over a two-year period, looks to combat antibiotic resistance that is due to the use of many antimicrobial agents used in livestock feed. Min’s goal is to further research NE-DGGS as a means to stop the use of antibiotics in animal feed, resulting in less antibiotic resistance in agriculture and human populations.  

    “Exploring Potential of Bioactive Phosphopeptide Production from Phosvitin in Hen’s Egg Yolk as a Novel Functional Ingredient,” is Min’s second project. A $200,000 research grant will go towards exploring novel ways to increase the utilization of the egg yolk. Due to cholesterol and lipid concerns, many consumers underutilize the vitellus; however, phosvitin is a prominent protein found in the egg yolk and can potentially be used to produce bioactive phosphopeptides. These products can be used in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products in addition to preventing microbial growth in foods.  

    With nearly three quarters of a million dollars in funding, Min is determined to solidify the sustainability of the egg industry in addition to improving animal health and contributing to global efforts against antibiotic resistance.

    Tanesha Hankerson, Agricultural Communications and Media Associate, School of Agricultural & Natural Sciences AgCom Office, 410-651-6196, tmhankerson@umes.edu.