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Center Directorate

  • Paulinus

    Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D.
    Center Director
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Margaret Sexton, Ph.D.
    Assistant Director
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Bradley Stevens, Ph.D.
    Distinguished Research Scientist
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Victoria Young, Ph.D.
    Education Expert
    Savanna State University


    Alexander Kessie, M.S.
    Coordinator for Budgets
    & Data Management

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Tanesha Hankerson, M.A.
    & Outreach Specialist

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Ida Tilghman, Ms

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore

    The Center Directorate is the administrative core of the LMRCSC, and is mainly charged to provide oversight of all NOAA-LMRCSC program activities including fiscal, budgetary, organizational, planning, evaluation, research implementation, and infrastructure development.  The core is responsible for the general administration and in collaboration with Partner Institutions, to coordination of all NOAA-LMRCSC program activities.  This component will seek insight and advice from the advisory committees, and create an integrated work environment that fosters the development of high quality marine research and education. It is also responsible for conducting periodic assessments to identify needs and opportunities.

    As a result, the specific aims of the Center Directorate are:

    1. To provide executive leadership, strategic communications and visibility of the LMRCSC
    2. Managing, planning, coordinating, organizing, implementing, reporting, and monitoring LMRCSC finances
    3. Overseeing administration, education, scientific research, engagement and recruitment, retention and graduation of students at the Center
    4. Developing comprehensive reports for all LMRCSC sponsored activities, and securing leveraged funding to help make the LMRCSC sustainable.  

    Organizational Chart

  • NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Lead Institution)
    (410) 651-7870
    Award numbers: FY 2016 Award #NA16SEC4810007 
    Funding Agency: NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI)
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