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    TELC 214 Introduction to Telecommunications Credit 3
    This course concentrates on the history of telecommunications, regulation, and current policies and procedures. It is a prerequisite for most telecommunications courses. 

    TELC 237 Radio Production and Programming Credit 3
    This course involves recording and control of sound in studios and on location, including introduction to radio production equipment and creative mixing and editing of multiple sound tracks. This course examines station organization, staff job descriptions, and responsibilities, along with station operation techniques. Prerequisite: TELC 214
    TELC 238 TV Production and Programming Credit 3
    This is a laboratory course designed to expose the student to each production position in a TV studio, including director, camera operator, audio operator, and video editor. Prerequisite: TELC 214
    TELC 239 Introduction to Broadcast Performance Credit 3
    This course is a study of communications theory and its application to the preparation, presentation, and criticism of radio and television performance. The course includes basic formats of broadcasting news, interviews, music, commercials, public affairs, and entertainment features. Prerequisites: TELC 214.

    TELC 241 Basic News Writing and Reporting Credit 3
    This course is an introduction to the structure and organization in writing news for on-air presentation. The course includes news gathering techniques and ethical issues. Prerequisites: TELC 214

    TELC 303  Broadcasting Management Credit 3
    This course explores theories of management. It involves study and analysis of special problems and situations confronting the manager of a broadcast or cable facility in the administration of personnel in various station departments. Prerequisite: TELC 214

    TELC 333 Principles of Photojournalism Credit 3
    In this course students gain an understanding as well as a working vocabulary of the historic, formal, and psychological aspects of photojournalism using still photography, video and film. Basic concepts of organization, framing, techniques of editing, etc. are examined through the reading and viewing of selected materials (photo stills, film & video), as well as the practical experience of supervised projects. Prerequisites: TELC 214.

    TELC 336 Computer Graphics I Credit 3
    This is an introductory level course in computer-generated graphic design and desktop publication. Through a "hands-on" approach, the student develops a basic knowledge of the various application programs of desktop publication and illustration using Macintosh computers. The student also develops the ability to create computer generated original art and learn the manipulation of scanned images, original digital camera images, basic design principles, and techniques such as layout, typography and graphic production used in various commercial arts fields.

    TELC 337 Computer Graphics II Credit 3
    Computer Graphics II is a continuation of Computer Graphics I (English 336) and the course work builds on the skills learned in ENGL 336. Further skills are gained and then applied to applications such as: PageMaker & Quark Express (used for layout design); Photoshop and Illustrator (illustration applications); After Effects & Gif Builder (introduction to video and multimedia & computer animation); and BB Edit (web page design). The course also builds on the student's knowledge of basic design principles and techniques in design and graphic production generally started during the first semester. Prerequisite: TELC 336

    TELC 472 Internship Credit 3-12
    This course is an internship in various study areas arranged by and with permission of the instructor. Students wishing to travel abroad may petition for Foreign Language credit under this course. Contact the Department Chair for details. Prerequisites: TELC 214, ENGL 203 & permission of the instructor.

    TELC 481  Dramatic Writing for Film and TV Credit 3
    This course is designed for students who want to learn to take ideas and develop them into treatments, screen-plays, and other verbal and visual forms. The class is conducted as a workshop; students' work is discussed in an informal atmosphere, and selected films are screened. Through the workshop format, students are encouraged to find their creative direction. Prerequisite: Successful Completion of ENGL 101 & ENGL 102 and consent of the Instructor. Enrollment is limited to seventeen students.