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Archana Gupta bio page

  • A Gupta profile

    Archana Gupta, M.A.
    Position Title: Visiting Lecturer
    Year Appointed: 2015

    Master of Philosophy, MLSU Udaipur India 1991,Master of Art, MLSU Udaipur India 1983
    Bachelor of Art, MG College, University of Udaipur India 1981, High School, St Mary's Convent,
    Udaipur, India 1977, Perusing PhD in India.

    Prior Appointments:
    Assistant Professor, English at Mercer County Community College, NJ Sep 2014 - Dec 2014,
    Substitute Teacher, Princeton Public School, NJ Mar 2014 - Jun2015'
    Substitute Teacher, East Windsor Regional School, NJ Mar 2014 - Jun2015,
    Substitute Teacher, West Windsor Regional School, NJ Nov 2014 - Jun2015,
    Assistant Professor, English MLB College Bhopal, India Dec 2007 - Apr 2010,
    Lecturer, English Meera Girls' College Udaipur, Rajasthan, India Oct 2000 - Jul 2005,Dec 1988 - Dec 1989
    Lecturer, English Boys' Government College Nathdwara, India Aug 2000 - Oct 2002, Oct 1994 - Dec 1994
    Lecturer, English Government College Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India Dec 1989
    Lecturer, English Boys' Government College Chittorgarh, India Dec 1994 - Dec 1995,Jul 1991 - Oct 1994
    MLV Government College Bhilwara , Rajasthan, India Jul 1984 - Dec 1988
    Lecturer(Temporary), Government College Pratapgarh , India Nov 1983- May 1984

    Academic Expertise:
    Teaching English in remote villages. (ESL)
    Fiction and Poetry
    Introducing English to the adult community in India
    Methods of teaching English verbal communication.
    English Reading and Writing.
    Basic English/Hindi Communication and translation.

    Office Location: 934-6 Room 5
    Phone Number: 410-651-7612
    Email Address: