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MD Sc Lab/ Unmanned Aerial System Design laboratory

  • MD Sc Lab/ Unmanned Aerial System Design laboratory, located in EASC building room 2028, can accommodate 20 students with two per station. The Unmanned Aerial Design Laboratory is developed to support faculty and student research activities in the Design and Prototype of Unmmaned Aerials Vehicles. The Unmanned Aerial Design Laboratory was initiated by Dr. Payam Matin with significant departmental supports and partial funding from Maryland Space Grant Consortium, and Army Research Lab. The lab has provided opportunities for multiple faculty with several specialities from both Engineering and Aviation Sciences programs to collaborate for design, prototype and operation of unmanned aerial systems. The lab makes use of 1) structural analysis for structural design of aerial platforms using CAD and FEM software, 2) 3D-printing for rapid prototyping of aerial platforms, 3) Microporocessors and electronics to operate and control unmanned aerial plateforms. Several aerial platforms have been designed and prototyped. Besides, several Testbeds have been designed and prototyped to validate the performance of the aerial systems.       
    laboratory also has been outfitted with P.A. Hilton equipment including:

    HTM81 Gear Efficiency Apparatus
    HTM13 Double Epicyclic Gear Train
    HAC40 Stroboscope
    HTM67 Whirling of Shafts
    HTM19 Hooke’s Coupling
    HTM 20 Ackermann Steering Gear
    HTM78 Four Bar Chain
    HFC26 Apparatus for Static Experiments
    HFC26A Inclined Plane and Friction
    HFC26B Block and Tackle
    HTM25 Gear Train Apparatus
    HTM77 Slotted Link Appartus
    Temperature Control BRT/1000
    Level Control BRN/2000
    Flow Control BRD/2000
    Pressure Control  BRP/2000


    3D Printted parts and Platforms


    Microprocessors and Electronics


    Test Bed designed and Prototyped to Chracterize different quadcopters’ motors and propellers


    Quadcopter designed and prototyped using pvc pipes


    Easy-to-manufacture (using 3D printing) easy-to-assemble Quadcopter with embedded wiring


    Hybrid UAV (with fixed wing and quadcopter configuration) capable of vertical take-off and landing

     MD Lab