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Supervisor Safety Responsibilities

  • Every supervisor has at least the following responsibilities with regard to occupational health and safety:

    1)  Employee Training - Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each new employee, whether temporary or permanent, receives appropriate safety training at the start of employment. Supervisors of laboratory employees should use the Laboratory Worker Safety Checklist as an outline for training new laboratory personnel.  All other supervisors should use the Training Guide, which will help determine which safety training employees are required by federal or state codes to attend. It also provides basic information about the training and information on additional requirements (i.e. personal protective equipment). EHS can provide assistance in determining training requirements and providing training for employees.

    2)  Personal Protective Equipment - OSHA requires that each supervisor assess the hazards of the work area to determine if the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary, the type(s) of PPE required, and to provide training on its use. This review must be documented. Completing the Certification of Hazard Assessment Form meets this documentation requirement. The Personal Protective Equipment Plan includes detailed information to assist in selecting the proper protective equipment. EHS can provide assistance with completing hazard assessments and selecting appropriate PPE.

    3)  Accident and Injury Reporting - It is the supervisor's responsibility to report all accidents or injuries that occur to their employees while at work. Each supervisor must ensure that any employee who is injured while at work completes and signs the Employee's First Report of Injury Form, which is located on-line through Human Resources in the UMES Form Library.  Additionally, the supervisor must receive the form, Accident Witness Statement  if the accident was witnessed by another person(s).  All injury information must be forwarded to Human Resources located in Bird Hall within 24 hours of occurrence of the injury.