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Residence Hall Safety 101

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    Follow the link to watch a great video on fire safety awareness.

    "Get Out and Stay Alive"

    The Residence Life Student Housing Contract Booklet lists fire safety regulations for residence halls.

    Tips for Fire Prevention and Fire Safety

    Electrical Safety Cooking What if there is a fire?

    · Do not overload extension cords, power strips or outlets.

    · Get a power strip with an over-current protector.

    · Be wary of electrical outlets that are too hot to touch.

    · Do not connect multiple extension cords together.

    · Do not route cords under doors or carpets.

    · Do not staple extension cords.

    · Look for the UL Mark on any electrical product you use.

    · Use light bulbs with correct wattage for lamps.

    · Pay attention when cooking.

    · Cook only where rules allow.

    · Look for UL-Listed appliances that feature automatic shut-off buttons.

    · Never plug more than one high-wattage appliance into a single outlet.

    · Have plenty of fire-resistant potholders and oven mitts ready for use while


    · Keep curtains, towels and potholders away from hot surfaces.

    · Store solvents and flammable cleaners away from heat sources.

    · Keep surfaces clean of grease.

    · Never pour water on a grease fire.

    · Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher handy.

    · Never ignore a fire alarm.

    · Never disable a smoke alarm by removing the battery.

    · Always call the fire department or 911 immediately.

    · Know your building’s escape plan.

    · Know two ways to exit the building from your room.

    · Memorize the number of doors to the nearest exit.

    · Close, but do not lock, doors behind you as you leave the building.

    · Protect yourself and your roommates before property and valuables.