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  • EHS works closely with the following University committees. These committees meet on a regular basis and advise the University President, the Vice Presidents for Academic and Administrative Affairs, the Deans, Department Directors and Managers on matters related to their designated function.

    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


    IACUC oversees all research and teaching activities involving vertebrate animals on campus.  Its responsibilities include program review, inspection of site facilities, approval of animal use protocols, approval of standard operating procedures, and reporting.  For more information, contact Dr. Douglas Ruby at Ext. 6029.


    Institutional Review Board (IRB)


    The primary purpose of the IRB is to assure the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects. The IRB reviews, approves initiation of, and conducts periodic reviews of research involving human subjects.  It acts as an advocate for the research subject by ensuring that the subject is fully informed of the procedures involved in a research study, the risks involved, and alternative treatments that are available if study participation is refused.  More information is available through the IRB website at


    Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) The purpose of the IBC is to ensure a safe working environment for operations revolving around biological (biomedical) research while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.  The IBC registers and reviews research, and performs risk assessments in order to develop biosafety policies and procedures and to set containment levels that ensure the safety of UMES' employees and the surrounding community.  More information will become available through an upcoming IBC website and on the Biosafety webpage through the EHS website.
    Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)


    The RSC is charged with acting on all aspects of the radiation protection program as stated in the campus Radiation Safety Manual.  


    Health and Safety Committee


    The Health and Safety Committee meets every 1st Tuesday of every month to discuss campus health and safety issues.  The committee consists of representatives from various campus departments. For more information, contact Mr. Preston Cottman at Ext 6652.


    Risk Management Committee Coming soon
    Vehicle Accident Review Board


    Mandated by the Governor's Fleet Safety Commission, this board reviews accidents involving state vehicles or drivers on University business to determine if the accident was preventable.  For more information, contact Mr. Preston Cottman at Ext. 6652.