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Summer Session Regulations

  • The Summer Sessions consist of two (2) five-week sessions and one (1) ten-week session. Below are rules that apply to these sessions:

    1. The Office of Academic Affairs gives “Deferments” for the Summer Sessions for undergraduate students only.“Students with an unpaid balance are not eligible for “Deferments”.

    2. The Office of Academic Affairs provides Deferments for a total of $500 or more. If the total amount due for your selected Summer Session course(s) does not exceed $500, please report directly to Student Accounts for deferred payment.

    3. The Office of Graduate Studies gives “Deferments” for the Summer Sessions for graduate students only. In order to obtain a “Deferment, the student cannot have an unpaid balance, from the previous semester".

    4. “Redlining” does not occur during the Summer Sessions. As always, students are responsible for adding and dropping courses that have not been cancelled by the Office of Academic Affairs.

    5. All Summer Session balances must be paid by the last day of class, to avoid problems with the Fall semester.

    6. Students cannot take more than six (6) credits per Summer Session (seven credits will be considered, if taking a four credit hour course).

    7. Students cannot receive a “Deferment”, for the second Summer Session until the first session has been paid in full.

    8. Students may receive a “Deferment”, for the first and third Summer Sessions at the same time.

    9. If a student is currently registered for the third Summer Session, that student can receive a “Deferment” for the second session.

    10. During the Summer Sessions, a student is allowed to take a total of 12 credits within the three sessions. (For example: A student can take 2 courses in Session I and 2 courses in session III, which will total 12 credits). Four credit courses will be given consideration.