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Campus Building Numbers

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    Beginning the Summer 2002, the buildings on the campus will be identified as follows through the academic schedule:

    New Building Code Building Name Previous Building Code
    TC2 Temporary Classroom #2 800
    SDC Student Development Center 900
    WILS Wilson Hall 901
    TRIG Trigg Hall 902
    ECRC Early Childhood Research Center 903
    ATC Arts and Technology 904
    KIAH Kiah Hall 905
    RHC Richard Henson Center 906
    TAWE Tawes Building 909
    GH Greenhouse 912
    SPAU Spaulding Hall 914
    TANR Henry Tanner 915
    LBRN Lida Brown Building 916
    PAC Performing Arts Center 920
    CARV Carver Hall 922
    TC1 Temporary Classroom #1 931
    ACSU Access and Success 932
    LIBR Library 933



    Modular 3

    Modular 4

    Both known as 934


    WPHC William P. Hytche Center 996
    SRFC Swine Research Facilities Center  

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