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Policy for Award Process


    To set forth the policy and procedures for making awards to eligible students.


    It is the policy of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore through the Office of Student Financial Aid to offer financial assistance to eligible students demonstrating need on a first-come, first-served basis until funds have been exhausted.


    1. Files that are complete and for which the Verification Review Check Sheet has been completed will be identified for packaging. These files have been appropriately reviewed for the following items:
      • Verification issues (see Verification Policies and Procedures, SA-V-406)
      • Low or no reported income (note: students with parents on AFDC or with low income (under $12,000 annually) with an earned income credit (EIC), or low or no income will not be offered a Parent PLUS loan.
      • Significant changes in eligibility
      • Determine if the student has indicated that he or she is expecting any other grants and/or scholarships
      • Review any other relevant notes (i.e. – request for change in circumstance, previous acceptance of loans, etc.)

    2. The file will be noted as “Ready to Package” (RP) by changing appropriate flags on the Packaging Status Summary screen (either manually or through SQL process).
    3. Auto-packaging is run via PeopleSoft following the appropriate business process guide.
    4. Award Notification letters are assigned to each awarded student and mailed with appropriate enclosures.