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Packaging for Title IV Aid


    To set forth the policy and procedures for pre-award packaging of Title IV student financial aid.


    It is the policy of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to award student financial aid based on criteria established by the federal government. Procedures are established to ensure compliance.


    1. A review of the following information is made prior to awarding federal financial aid. Most of this review is conducted internally through “matches” conducted by PeopleSoft. Discrepancies are resolved by a Financial Aid Counselor.
      • Citizenship status or permanent resident status
      • High school diploma, GED, or ability to benefit
      • Admitted into a degree-seeking program
      • Satisfactory Academic Progress
      • Not in default or in repayment on any Title IV financial aid program
      • Transfer monitoring status update
      • Selective Service Registration status (if applicable)
      • Aggregate loan award amounts

    2. Determine the appropriate student budget to be used:
      • State Residency (in vs. out)
      • Campus Residency (on, off, or with parents)
    3. Determine financial need as determined according to the packaging formula.
    4. Verification Review Check Sheet (where applicable).
    5. Students that have not submitted all requested information (where applicable) will be sent a “Missing Information Letter” advising him/her that the financial aid process will be delayed until all requested information has been received.
    6. A query is run in PeopleSoft to identify all students who are ready for packaging.
    7. Students are marked as “Ready for Packaging” on the Packaging Status Summary screen either via SQL or individually.