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Master Promissory Note

  • Master Promissory Note (MPN)

    To simplify the loan process for students, the federal government uses a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the most common loans.  The MPN makes it possible for students to use the same note for up to ten years.  This speeds up the process in each subsequent year since the note(s) usually must be completed and approved only in the initial year.

    Completing the MPN does not require the student/parent to borrow the loan(s).  The borrower will be notified of their loan eligibility each year on the student's financial aid award notification.  The student/parent will then be given the opportunity to decline or reduce any loans.

    Check your loan status on MyUMES to determine if an MPN needs to be completed.

    Entrance Counseling is required before a student can receive their first Federal Direct Stafford Loan and/or their first graduate/professional PLUS loan.

    MPN’s can be completed on-line for the following loans:

    Federal Direct PLUS (graduate and professional student) Loan

    Loan Document Status

    Check your loan document status on MyUMES to determine if you have completed all necessary items to receive your loan funds.

    Items that may be needed include: