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Award Notification

  • When a student is awarded financial aid, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Office of Student Financial Aid (UMES OSFA) will email the student instructing them to view their award notification on MyUMES. When in MyUMES, click on Financial Aid & Billing (at the top) then Award Notification. Be sure the correct session is selected, i.e., Fall 2019, Fall 2020.

    If a student has not been notified of their award within three weeks of submitting their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. Award notifications for the 2018-2019 academic year are available now. Award notifications for the 2019-2020 academic year will be available beginning January 2019.

    The award notification lists the maximum eligibility for each of the funds offered based on the student's application information. Financial aid awards are subject to change based on federal and state regulations, institutional policy, program funding, financial need, student enrollment, and/or the student receiving assistance from other sources.

    If you are receiving other financial aid not listed on your award notification, when viewing your award notification in MyUMES, click on the Report Additional Aid button. Federal financial aid regulations require that all financial aid and educational resources (i.e., awards, prizes) must fit within your financial need and/or cost of attendance. If the UMES OSFA becomes aware of additional financial aid or other educational resources, the financial aid that was awarded by UMES OSFA may be reduced or cancelled.

    Estimated Costs

    View our cost of attendance web page for information on how the estimated cost is determined. 

    Grants & Scholarships

    The award amounts listed on the award notification are the maximum amounts that can be awarded and are actual amounts unless the award is listed as unofficial or estimated.  The award is based on a student's financial need, direct cost, and the specific eligibility requirements for the different financial aid programs.

    • It is important that you review the eligibility requirements for scholarships and/or grants you have been awarded.
    • For students receiving scholarships and/or grants from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, need to be aware that there are grade point average and continuous full-time enrollment requirements, the Office of Student Financial Aid will review that information at the beginning of every semester before authorization of disbursement of funds.
    • In the event there are reductions in state funding for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, support for institutional scholarships and grants may be impacted. If that happens, academic awards may be reduced within the academic year.

    Net Cost

    Your net cost is the estimated cost of attendance minus any grants and scholarships awarded.  This does not indicate the amount you will be billed by the University Bursar (Student Accounts) Office.  For an explanation of what items will appear on a student's term bill, refer to the costs Billed by the University Billing Office section on the Understanding Your Cost of Attendance web page. 

    Loan Options

    The loan amount listed on the award notification is the maximum amount a student is eligible to borrow.  It is based on the student's financial need and the specific eligibility requirements for the loan program.  Our types of loans web page provides information on eligibility requirements, fees, interest rates, and repayment for the various loans.

    We encourage students to carefully review their expenses and resources and to borrow only what they need. Decline or reduce a loan on the Student Loan Confirmation page in MyUMES. The cost of attendance includes personal and transportation expenses.  Actual expenses may be lower than the estimated amounts provided on the award notification and; therefore, students may not need to borrow the full amount awarded. For an explanation of the components that are included in the estimated cost of attendance, but will not appear on a student's term bill, refer to the Not Billed by the University Billing Office section of the Understanding Your Cost of Attendance web page.

    Check Loan Status on MyUMES to see if additional steps need to be taken to receive the loan funds.

    Additional Information

    Students can view and print their award notification from MyUMES. Make sure to select the correct session (i.e. Fall 2019, Fall 2020) when viewing each page).

    Financial Need 

    Expected Family Contribution

    Eligibility Requirements

    Maryland Residency Status for Tuition Purposes (Admissions Office website)

    Submitting Scholarship Checks (University Bursar/Student Accounts Office website)

    Receiving Your Financial Aid Funds

    Payments  (University Bursar/Student Accounts Office website)