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  • The Department of Agriculture has working farms with 310 acres of cropland, 42 acres of pastures, and 264 acres of woodland/wetland. The University farm raises sheep, goats, and broilers and grows corn, soybean, wheat, straw, alfalfa, and grass hay as production crops. The farm consists of Broiler Production Houses, Poultry Research and Education Center, Swine Research and Education Facility, Crop Research and Aquaculture Building, Agriculture Research Building, Agricultural Mechanics Laboratory, and a Food Science and Technology Building. The Food Science and Technology Building features a network of labs, offices, processing facilities, classrooms, a library, a computer room and a large Animal Exhibition Hall. Laboratories for Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Food Quality, Food Chemistry, Food Processing, Sensory Evaluation and others equipped with high-tech instrumentation provide excellent infrastructure to do research related to the safety and quality of foods.

    Geospatial Information Technology Laboratory

    ● The Geospatial Information Technologies (GIT) are comprised of three major technologies; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing (RS).

    ● GIS is a powerful tool used for collecting, storing, displaying, and analyzing spatial data. This tool is used in many applications such as: land use planning, natural resource management, global change analysis, environmental assessment and planning, precision agriculture, emergency vehicle dispatch, demographic and overpopulation research, spread of disease, utilities planning, weather forecasting, and many business applications.

    ● GPS receives signals from satellites to determine your location on the Earth, and is used for data collection and navigation. Onstar© uses GPS receivers in the vehicles in order to locate the vehicles. GPS receivers can also be found in your cell phone and is activated when 911 is dialed.

    ● RS uses many sensors including spectral, laser, and sonar to map the surface of the Earth. Satellite and aerial imagery is commonly used in many online mapping systems, such as GoogleEarth©, MapQuest©, and Yahoo Maps.©

    ● Our facility is located in the Crop Research & Aquaculture Building. The GeoTech lab houses computer workstations, GPS units, and a large format digitizer.