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Agricultural Studies

  • The Agricultural Studies Program is designed to allow students to explore the Food, Fiber, Natural Resources, Environmental, Biological, Social and Natural Sciences without specializing in any particular concentration area. Agricultural (Ag) Studies is a “student centered” individualized curriculum that will allow the students, in consultation with a faculty advisor, to select courses from approved programs to customize a program of study that best fits the student’s career goals. While this concentration offers a great deal of program flexibility, restriction is built into the curriculum to ensure that each student’s program meets University requirements for the baccalaureate degree. Ag Studies students must satisfactorily complete a minimum number of upper level (300 and above) courses to complete the program. By completing courses in the department and Ag Studies core, students obtain a strong foundation of agricultural knowledge and skills.


    On-the-job training, which provides hands-on experiential learning, can be obtained through internships. Internships are highly recommended so that students can apply classroom knowledge and develop industry and/or government contacts while acquiring technical and field experience that will prepare them for a highly competitive and diversified workforce.


    Opportunities Students will be prepared to pursue a career or graduate degree in:
    ● Production and Management
    ● Soil Conservation
    ● Agronomy
    ● Research and Development
    ● Food and Fiber Processing
    ● Health and Nutrition